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Dateneinblendung SDO-3 Anzeige- und Steuereinheit
pipexsolution kamerasammlung
Pipexsoulution leistung3

Level 3





APPLICATION (in addition to the ones specified for SDO-2): 

Use in complex optical inspection systems with many measured values for  
display with elaborate data acquisition and evaluation applications  
combined with control of the entire system.
Applications with data transmission in the video channel.
Applications with increased processing power requirements.


•  powerfull multi processor solution with 6 processors
•  30 lines each 56 character wide
•  overlay of up to 120 measured values in 3 lines with 3, 4 or 5 values                  each so that you can display 9, 12 or 15 values simultaneously
•  Einblendung in Farbe mit variabler Transparenz
•  Palette mit 8 Farben für Vorder- und Hintergrund einstellbar
•  eigener Prozessor für Anlagenkommunikation
•  eigener Prozessor für Datenempfänger für bis zu 64 Messwerte,
    deren Übertragung im Videosignal erfolgt
•  alle Ein- und Ausgänge für Video wahlweise als Y/C oder CVBS                        konfigurierbar
•  erweiterte Auswahl an Schnittstellen, wie USB/2, 2 x RS232 und 1x          



Overlay of up to 120 measured values in live video. Display and control unit for systems for optical inspection and/or rennovation as well as all other robotic systems where an ROV is used on land or under water with camera, for security services, police, industry and energy care. The application of such systems reaches from optical sewer inspection, industry pipeline inspection, bomb disposal units to optical inspection in nuclear power plants often in areas which are inaccessible and too dangerous for people to work there.


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