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R O O T E D  
I N   A L L G Ä U .
AT   H O M E   I N                 

T E C H N O L O G Y.




Since 1991 Pipex Solutions (PS hard- & soft-
ware GmbH) is a competent partner for OEM 
elec tronic assemblies and software for optical 
inspection, measurement and data acquisition. 
Quality is the foundation for the design of our 
products. This quest for quality serves as a 
benchmark for our daily work, from development 
through production to the final product.


Flexibility is playing an increasingly important 
role in everyday work. When designing our  
products, we strive for modular and scalable  
solutions. Thus our competent developer team 
can react quickly to new demands and imple-
ment the necessary functions into our products.  
It also guarantees a longer product life cycle.  
We equip our OEM customers free of charge 
with all necessary tools which allow them to 
setup and localize our products for their custo-
mers. As a result, the cost of warehousing can 
be reduced and it allows them to react fast and 
easily to customer requests.


We offer exclusive product-related service to 
provide support for the OEM and end users 
in an optimal way. All hardware products with 
microcontrollers contain test and diagnostic 
tools which of course is always the case in our 
software products. With modern tools we offer 
remote service over the internet which allows us 
to deal even with severe problems. Thus the sup-
port of service partners of our OEM customers 
as well as the end user is always assured.

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